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Eniscope brings together energy monitoring and management with cutting-edge IoT technology into one small and powerful package. Secure, powerful and intuitive.

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    Real-time data visibility

    Get real-time data for all your buildings, however large or spread out. Benchmark your estate and control energy from one central Cloud platform.

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    Innovative, safe & easy to install hardware

    IoT Energy can install Eniscope in just 3 hours, with no need to interrupt your business operations. It’s small, but mighty powerful! Download Brochure

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    Uncover invisible energy waste and recover costs

    Pioneering features like automatic energy over-use alarms and the revolutionary new 'Eniscope Air' suite help you avoid energy wastage on-site from anywhere worldwide.

The world's most complete energy management system - but what can it do?

Managing energy across one building, or multiple buildings, is hard. But, it’s the kind of challenge that IoT Energy enjoys.

If you and your company are like the majority of businesses – struggling to maintain profit margins under the burden of increased costs – then you need to consider installing Eniscope.

Give yourself complete clarity over energy use with a single intuitive platform and add percentage points to your profit margin.

Find out the 'How'

Harness every inch of your energy use with ENISCOPE

Holistic energy management solutions

IoT Energy provides the entire package; including the hardware, software and ongoing ‘Virtual Energy Management’ service.

Take a look at the results when our network worked with a 240 location schools district in Florida:

  • $0

    Absolutely zero investment

    The client paid nothing for the whole project.

  • 290k

    LED light fixtures installed

    And we haven't finished counting yet…

  • $8m+

    Estimated energy savings

    Per year. Across the schools district, just one of 60 in Florida.

  • Gretchen Saunders

    Chief Business Officer

    Hillsborough County Public Schools

    "To do more with that money, to have those savings and put them back into the schools? We're just generating our own money. In a heartbeat we would recommend it, I mean it's cutting-edge - it really is."

  • JL

    Head of Estate Management

    7-Eleven, Denmark

    "Eniscope gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I’ve never seen a system like it and I would recommend the Eniscope system to other companies – I’ve already recommended it internally to all seven of our countries."

The Eniscope eco-system

Eniscope is a total solution to your energy monitoring and management needs in one joined-up eco-system.


Our total solution for one building, or thousands.

Feature-rich and cutting edge.

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Connect your entire portfolio

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    Circuit/Device Level Energy Monitoring

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    Existing Energy Meters (Electric, Water, Oil, Gas)

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    Wireless Internet of Things Sensors

  • ico-rev-4

    Wireless Remote Control Modules & Thermostats

  • ico-rev-5

    Energy Saving Tech (Lighting, AC, Motors)


Analyze in the cloud

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    Local Real-time Alarms and Displays

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    Your App or Platform (Connected to our API)

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    Local Real-Time
    High-Res Data Feed

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    Your IoT


Display, report, target and save

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    Remote Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

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    Live Data
    Feeds and Stats

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Eniscope Air

Eniscope provides your ‘IoT backbone’ – the central hub with which our proprietary range of IoT technologies communicates.

That means that, for clients of IoT Energy energy monitoring is only the first step. What comes next is the really exciting bit:

Comprehensive environmental monitoring with Air Sense – including temperature, humidity, CO2, occupancy and light levels.

Single-phase (plug) asset control and energy monitoring with Air Switch

Three-phase asset intelligent control and swcheduling with Air Digital

Air conditioning control and optimisation with Air Ambient

Smart alarms, predictive maintenance and more!

Explore the Eniscope Air technology right here.

Eniscope Air Family

Enjoy these benefits too

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