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Smart cruise-control for
industrial motors

Did you know that 65% of all energy used in industry is actually consumed by motors? Motors account for a large portion of both your company’s carbon footprint and budget, but with our smart motors, which are dynamically adapted to their load, you could save up to 40% on this figure.

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    Up to 40% Energy Savings

    Even when utilized for large-scale industrial operations, clients using Integra report between 20 and 40% energy savings, as the motor acts as its own intelligent load sensor.

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    Cruise Control for Motors

    Just like a car intelligently adjusts the power drawn from the engine to maintain an optimum speed, Integra is a ‘cruise control’ for the motors in your machines! Download Brochure

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    Full Power in under 1/50th Second

    Whilst only the required energy is consumed with Integra, full power can still be drawn on demand. This means performance is never compromised, however heavy the load.

Optimise your fixed-speed motors

With any fixed-speed motor, the load will vary dramatically throughout its use cycle. But, even when demand is low, the energy usage remains at a maximum. Well, with Integra, this all changes.

So what exactly is Integra?

It is not just one singular device, Integra is a holistic approach to motor control consisting of a full family of devices covering all aspects of industrial machinery. These smart controls are compatible with fixed-speed motors of any size and application. They also boast an extensive selection of specialised application presets and custom control adjustments.

How does Integra work?

Integra offers a smart and holistic solution to the problem of inefficient motors. Effectively, the unit electronically and automatically re-sizes the motor’s energy use to its output application and load cycle. It does this every 60 milliseconds in order to maintain the optimum energy usage at all times.

There are countless benefits to using Integra. Not only will the system improve your energy efficiency profile and save on energy costs, it also extends motor life, reducing maintenance costs. Impressively, clients who use Integra usually see a return on investment within two years, and sometimes in just a few months.

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    Automatic motor 'resizing' without human intervention

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    Up to 40% savings on energy use

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    Reduced KVA KW & KVAR and increased PF

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    Increased contractor life & drive train components

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    Attach more equipment to a single supply

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    Improved power factor on all load cycles

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    Prevents dips in supply on start-up

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The Problem with Motors

Motors are used for almost every machine required in industry. However, they are far from an infallible operation. In fact, AC induction motors could be accounting for up to 65% of your business’ energy costs.

At present, only 10% of motors operate in applications using variable speed conditions. This means that the vast majority operate at a fixed speed, making the simple installation of a variable speed drive into a fixed speed application an unsustainable solution. In fact, this approach often increases machine running costs by 6-8%.

During any duty cycle, the load placed on any motor fluctuates significantly from 0 to 100%. Yet, traditional motors have no way of adjusting the amount of power consumed to match the amount of work required. This means that if your machine is working on low power, it might be consuming just as much energy as it would when running at full capacity.

Luckily, Integra changes this…


The Integra Solution

Integra fuses market-leading technological advancements to offer a full motor control efficiency system. Combining smart soft-start technology, intelligent load monitoring and controlled stopping in a single unit, Integra will revolutionize the energy efficiency profile of any motor.

But how does it work? Well, Integra allows motors to adapt their output to suit the load – by the millisecond. Imagine an escalator with one person standing on it and another with 100. In most standard motors, both escalators would consume the same amount of energy to fulfil each load. With Integra, the escalator would use only the energy required to carry the actual load.

Integra’s hardware is itself compact, easy to install and very competitively priced – providing an average payback period of under two years.

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motor energy reduction

Make Your Motors Smarter

Integra has the key

  • Percent

    Cut Energy Costs

    Integra clients save on average up to 40% on motor costs

  • 0.02s

    Full Power Instantly

    Integra can draw full power in 1/50th of a second, without affecting performance on heavy loads

  • 6-9x

    Times Load Current

    Starting on-line directly can draw 6-9 times the full load current. Integra prevents this

  • Percent

    Reduce Shock Load

    Reduce shock load and peak demand penalties with clear benefits to maintenance

Smart Motor Control Technology with Added Benefits

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