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See, study and understand your energy use across an unlimited number of sites with our cutting-edge IoT technologies.

Step 1: Energy Monitoring & Changing Behaviour

Making energy efficiency happen is about taking small steps to start with. We install real-time energy monitoring equipment that reveals your energy usage to lay the groundwork of what’s pushing up your costs and your carbon footprint.

With our product Eniscope, you can have a site anywhere in Poland up, running and being monitored by you in around three hours! We promise a fully safe, non-disruptive installation process.

When Eniscope is installed, you can monitor consumption on your own or with the help of our ‘Virtual Energy Manager’ service. And what’s more, you can use our bespoke designed public displays to help change the behaviour of your biggest energy leakage area on site – your staff!

Explore Energy Management
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    Real time energy consumption data

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    Clearly verify capital project energy savings

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    Identify energy leaks and saving opportunities

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    Easily integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

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    Infinitely scalable solution on one dashboard

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    Motivate staff with engaging public displays

  • Ensicope energy management

Step 2: Retrofit Technologies

Next, add our retrofit solutions and watch your energy bills fall.


Eniscope Air Ambient

Retrofit Technologies

Air Conditioning

Eniscope Air Ambient - air conditioning energy saving

Intelligent IoT Control for HVAC

The top culprit in energy and money wastage for commercial businesses is air conditioning.

Conventional air conditioning units have two major problems – they are operated by humans whose expectations don’t match with what’s plausible and they operate to single temperature points, not bands.

Eniscope Air Ambient addresses both problems. Easily installed and able to control multiple air conditioning units with a single device, the Air Ambient enables you to set schedules in the cloud – avoiding out of hours consumption. It then allows you to set temperature ‘bands’ within which your staff will be comfortable, taking the pressure off the device but maintaining comfort.


Single-Phase Monitoring & Control

What is the key to saving energy in your most wasteful assets? You need to understand them.

When do they come on? For how long? What energy do they use and does this vary? If so, why? This sort of information is key to operating the asset more efficiently – that’s where Eniscope Air Switch comes in.

Air Switch provides two key areas of functionality – real-time energy monitoring to create that crucial understanding, and scheduling and control to act on it!

With Air Switch, you can control your wasteful assets in the Cloud – operating them either via a schedule and / or with logic-based controls. For example, you can order an asset to go on when an external stimulus is met – like temperature, humidity or occupancy. The possibilities are endless with the Eniscope Air IoT suite.


Eniscope Air Switch - single phase asset management

Eniscope Air Switch

Retrofit Technologies

Plug-Load Assets


Eniscope Air Digital

Retrofit Technologies

Three-Phase Assets

Eniscope Air Digital - three phase control

Three-Phase Asset Control

If Eniscope Air Switch is our single-phase asset specialist, Air Digital is our three-phase solution!

Some of the most energy-abusive assets in business are three phase, drawing their energy straight from the mains. Like commercial fryers for example. A fast food restaurant might have a whole bank of seven or more fryers, each one heavily consuming energy all through the day.

The key question is – do they need to be?

In combination with Eniscope Hybrid’s monitoring capabilities, Air Digital allows you to control these three-phase assets with schedules or logic controls via our Cloud platform. Turn assets on and off as required, or based on stimulus provided by other Air devices – like our multi-functional wall mounted sensor Air Sense.


Up to 33% Energy Savings

Unfortunately, refrigeration systems are to blame for a massive 20% of the world’s net energy consumption. That is a huge carbon footprint!

And, as refrigeration systems operate on a thermostat-driven on-off cycle, this means the air inside the unit determines whether or not the cooling process is activated.

So the question is: which temperature really matters in a fridge – the air or the food?


Refrigeration energy reduction - UAE - Dubai


Retrofit Technologies


See What 7-Eleven Think

Check out this quick case study video from a project over in Denmark to see how commercial energy savings are achieved with our groundbreaking technologies.

A Commercial Success

Fellow Best.Energy partner in the Nordics – IQ Energy – recently installed Eniscope energy monitoring system across every single 7-Eleven store in Denmark. The results were beyond impressive.

  • 2.7m kWh saved
  • 864 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 11.52% average savings across stores
  • Every store monitored from a single, central software platform
  • Zero disruption to operating on-site

It is a prime example of the suitability of our system for commercial applications. The company behind 7-Eleven in the Nordics (Reitan Convenience) agree, and roll-outs are now ongoing in Sweden and Norway as well.

You can see the project and hear from our client in the video (right).

A Satisfied Client

The Reitan Group were very pleased with the results

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